Gestures definitions:

  • SwipeIn, SwipeOut – parallely move left arm left and right arm right or opposite
  • Head movement – move head slightly
  • Left hand movement - move hand slightly
  • Right hello – move right hand close to face
  • Hands joined - join hands
  • Left hand over head – move left hand above the head
  • Left hello – move left hand close to face
  • Swipe left/right – move arm left or right
  • Right hand over head – move right hand above the head


User Guide

The application recognizes following gestures:


  • SwipeIn, SwipeOut – zoom
  • Head movement – navigate map by head
  • Left hand movement - navigate map by hand
  • Right hello – place a flag
  • Hands joined - join all flags placed on the map

Control panel:

  • Left hand over head – head navigation mode (yes/no)
  • Left hello – left hand navigation mode (yes/no)


  • Swipe left/right – change a city in dropdownlist
  • Right hand over head – place a flag on the selected city on the map

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